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Hi, i'm Tim (he/him). I'm a huge technology nerd with a passion for creativity and teamwork. 

Whether it's the heaviest guitar riffs, the hardest EDM beats or the most intimate melodies, I love enhancing and realising your music with you!

Your Vision


I've been a musician since my friends and I started a band in secondary school. Who knew "I'll play guitar" would shape my world so much! The tech obsessed gamer in me did the rest, and I've been working in music and audio ever since.

I love working on other artists' music. There's nothing quite like using the skills I've built over the last 20 years to enhance the creative vision of a song. It's so rewarding seeing musicians fall in love again with their music. Hearing things like "you take my music and make it HD" from clients never gets old!

Away from music, I'm a photographer, gamer, coffee enthusiast and food lover. Come to my studio and you'll find the coffee runs freely, and meal breaks are an important part of the schedule! You'll meet Watson, the studio tortoise, and If we can sit in the garden to eat we're doing well! Expect a seriously homely vibe, full of plants  and with plenty of fidget toys, musical and otherwise.

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