Tim's passion for music started when he picked up the guitar in secondary school. Already a regular singer in his church choir, he quickly developed his musical understanding, exploring jazz as he grew further. Recording his band in his parents' living room set him on the path towards sound engineering, and this has been his focus and drive ever since. The Tonmeister course, including a placement at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama, turned sound recording from a hobby to a calling, and Tim has been working in the studio ever since.

Recent Work


Linear Converter - Temple of Mars EP

Arlo Parks - Hurt

Erasure - The Neon

Honne - No Song Without You

Floating Points  - Bias - Mayfield Depot Mix

Will McNicol - Jupiter

Austra - Risk It


Floating Points - Crush

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Fever

Emanative and Phil Ranelin - Vibes from the Tribe

Will McNicol with Innotet - Volume One


Bryanston School -  Spring Concert at Winchester Cathedral

Will McNicol - Dragonflies, Frogs and Bumblebees


The Colonel's Lady - Full Orchestral Musical Score

Portsmouth Choral Union - Samuel Wesley: Confitebor tibi, Domine

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