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Are you ready to level up your tracks?


Drawing on years of experience spanning a multitude of genres, from the cleanest classical to the dirtiest electronic music, Tim brings a creative and precise approach to mixing your music, whether recorded at home or in the studio. He will make those all important finishing touches to ensure your vision is pushed to its full potential. 

For those who are happy with their mix, a fresh set of ears is just what you need for the mastering stage. Tim will ensure your mix translates across any system, and prepares your music to sit at just the right level for punch and clarity. 

Recent Work


Defset - A Movement of Note EP (Mix Engineer)

Claudia Tarantino - Goodbye (Mastering Engineer)

The Pink Nostalgia - Radio Silence (Mastering Engineer)

Morcheeba - Edge of the World - DEFSET REMIX (Mix Engineer)

The Pink Nostalgia - Kodak (Mastering Engineer)

Christian Weile - Eternal Love (Production, Mix/Mastering Engineer)

Plough the Sands - w/o (Mix/Mastering Engineer)

Noakko - We Sleep as the World Spins EP (Mastering Engineer)

Floating Points - Vocoder (Mix Assistant)


Fold Hands - Wondered (Mix Engineer)

Moriphase - Endangered People (Mix Engineer)

Christian Weile - Dying Once a Day (Production, Mix/Mastering Engineer)

Christian Weile - Coming 4 U (Production, Mix/Mastering Engineer)

Christian Weile - Come and Fight me (Production, Mix/Mastering Engineer)

Defset - Bathtime (Mix Engineer)

Moriphase - Endangered People (Mix Engineer)

Will McNicol - Miniatures (Mastering Engineer)

Villagers - So Simpatico, The First Day (Mix Assistant)

Leisure - Take you Higher (Mix Assistant)

Harper Finn - She Said, Dance Away these Days (Mix Assistant)

Christian Weile - You Won't See Me Cry (Production, Mix/Mastering Engineer)

Sascha Michel - Zahara (Mix/Mastering Engineer)

Defset - Shira2 (Mix Engineer)

Christian Weile - Weirdo (Production, Mix/Mastering Engineer)

Floating Points and Pharaoh Sanders - Promises (Mix Assistant)

Vök - Lost in the Weekend (Mix Assistant)

Christian Weile - The Light (Production, Mix/Mastering Engineer)

Defset - Deadlines (Single Edit) (Mix Engineer)

PVINNY - Sleeping Lizard (Mix/Mastering Engineer)

PVINNY - In the Waves (Mastering Engineer)

NYX, Gazelle Twin - Deep England (Recording Engineer)

Eli Brown - Trouble (with Talk Show) (Mix Assistant)

Arlo Parks - Caroline, Just Go (Mix Assistant)

Bakar - Having a Good Time, Sometimes (Mix Assistant)

Grand Pax - ATV (Mix Assistant)

Zohara - Sing a Song (Mix Assistant)


Marika Hackman - Covers (Mix Assistant)

Childe - Two Thirds, Just Me (Mix Assistant)

Kian - Sunbeam (Mix Assistant)

Elderbrook - All My Love, I'm a Fool, Down by the Bay, Back to my Bed, Next December (Mix Assistant)

Audrey's Dance - Fag Ash Lil' EP (Mastering Engineer)

Union - Midnight at the Lot (Mastering Engineer)

Emanative and Liz Elensky - Fall Into Me (Recording Engineer - Drums)

Roth Bart Baron - King, Eve from 'Loud Colour(s) and Silence Festival (Mixing)

Union - Prospect (Mastering Engineer)

Linear Converter - Temple of Mars EP (Mastering Engineer)

Crooked Colours - Love Language (Mix Assistant)

Erasure - The Neon (Mix Assistant)

Harper Finn - Dance Away these Days (Mix Assistant)

Arlo Parks - Hurt (Mix Assistant)

Tourist - Siren (Mix Assistant)

Honne - No Song Without You, Free Love, la la la that's how it goes (Mix Assistant)

Honne - lines on our faces, loving you is so easy (Mix Assistant)

Floating Points  - Bias - Mayfield Depot Mix (Mix Assistant)

Will McNicol - Jupiter (Recording Engineer)

Austra - Risk It (Mix Assistant)

Previous Years

Floating Points - Crush (Recording Engineer, Mix Assistant)

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Fever (Mix Assistant)

Emanative and Phil Ranelin - Vibes from the Tribe (Recording Engineer)

Will McNicol with Innotet - Volume One (Mixing and Mastering Engineer)

Will McNicol - Dragonflies, Frogs and Bumblebees (Mixing and Mastering Engineer)

Portsmouth Choral Union - Samuel Wesley: Confitebor tibi, Domine (Recording Assistant)